Stewart Stephenson burst onto the Vancouver art scene in 2011, quickly becoming one of Canada’s best-selling artists. A pioneering self-taught artist, he specializes in large-scale abstract artwork known widely for their unique compositions, vibrant colors and flawless gloss finishes. His paintings can be found in private and corporate collections around the world. Working intuitively with no prior sketch work, Stewart’s paintings are expressive and bold. Strong, powerful brush strokes, fine lines and complex compositions highlight Stewart’s versatility as an artist. His recent collections explore themes of celebrity, social and media culture.

“I set out to create artwork which visually established a positive relationship with the viewer without relating to social commentary or significant connotations. However, as my portfolio developed I began to notice patterns that evolved unknowingly. People today, are bombarded with news and advertisements, tweets and posts; I began to see my unconscious reacting to these elements of daily life. The effects take shape as either a complete detachment into another world full of bright colours, radiating gestures and open space or an amalgamation of deconstructed figures, bold strokes and hidden symbols depicting a detailed yet all encompassing story. I feel my work showcases and explores the human emotion and our ever-changing capacity to adapt to the fast-paced and content filled life that we find ourselves in today.”