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December 12, 2012 - January 15, 2013

Vancouver, BC: The unveiling of the new Stewart Stephenson Modern Art Gallery 1300 Robson street was at exactly 12 minutes past noon on 12.12.12.

CTV News, British Columbia, was the very first visitor to capture the Modern Space. The occasion of ’12.12.12’ presented a unique story on both local and national newscasts, and was an auspicious day for the Modern Art Gallery to begin business, having the feature on 6 pm and 11 pm CTV News.

The Modern Art Gallery hosted a red carpet gala on 12.12.12, celebrating its Grand Opening with an evening of art extravaganza. A signature model, decorated with the Modern Art Gallery logo and airbrushed as a Phoenix bird for good luck, welcomed special guests on the red carpet and into the photo.

Guests gathered to experience the new extraordinary setting of the gallery, signature artists portfolio, live art, and performances by Vancouver’s own ‘Encore’, featuring Darcy and Michael, as well as special performance by singer and songwriter, Aloma Steele.

Vancouver’s beauty, Brigitte Tremblay, announced the lucky winners of three special prizes, including a painting by Stewart Stephenson, a custom designed, one-of-the-kind furniture piece by John Rousseau, and a romantic dinner at the Forage restaurant.

1300 Robson Street, Vancouver

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